Monday, October 21, 2013

Lemon, Garlic, Rosemary Chicken {Crock Pot}

Good Afternoon!

So I thought I would stop by and do a quick post! Last week I made it to the gym 2 times and this week the goal is 5! I have decided Monday and Saturday's are going to be my non-gym days. 

I am a graduate student at Saint Leo University and my online classes start today. I am going to be on a pretty tight schedule! Fitting in homework, gym time, work and just the normal everyday chores. 

But now to the main point of this post! I found photos of lemon, garlic, rosemary chicken on Pinterest and I had to try it! 

What you need: 
Chicken Breast (or you can do a whole chicken)
Fresh Garlic Cloves
Low Sodium Chicken Broth
1 Lemon

1. Prepare garlic: I used about 5 pieces and just crushed it with my knife to release the flavor
2. Prepare lemon: Just slice the lemon
3. Add the defrosted chicken, chicken stock, lemon and garlic to the pot
4. Sprinkle with Rosemary
5. Cook on low for 5 hours

{I am awful with measurements! My family is Italian so everything is a pinch, a dash, a little bit of...}

Depending on how much chicken you use you can alter the chicken broth. I put just enough so that the chicken is not complete submerged. 

Tonight I am serving this chicken with asparagus and brown rice. 


xoxo, jess

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